Loudon Motors Ford's Checklist for Winterizing Your RV

At Loudon Motors Ford, we have the capacity and expertise to winterize and service your RVs and heavy duty trucks. But, if you want to do it yourself, this article will help your process!

Taking care of your water system is possibly the most important step of this process. To do this right, you will have to do a lot to ensure nothing breaks when freezing temperatures approach. First, you must remove your inline water filters. Then, drain the fresh water holding tank, toilet and water heater. Next, make sure all faucets are shut off and thoroughly flush all of your RV’s holding tanks and lubricate the terminal valves. Lastly, flush the water system with RV Antifreeze (this step is very important!)

Most people keep their RVs outside their homes during the winter, and that is fine, but if you want your RV to stay in tip-top condition you should look into storing it. Yes, this is an expensive option, but you don’t want animals seeking shelter in your RV and tearing apart the inside. This may cause damage that would cost more than storing the RV for the winter months! If you do choose to keep your RV at home, park it in short grass or in the driveway so that insects and small animals are less likely to get into it.

For this step, I advise bringing the RV to a dealership that has the ability to run maintenance of RVs, such as Loudon Motors Ford! You need to have your brakes, suspension and wheel bearing serviced, as needed. Also, you will want a full inspection done of the exterior unit, including the roof vents, windows, and chassis, for any damage so that nothing is further damaged by the ice or snow.

Since there will be a lot of precipitation, you will want to shut off all Electrical and LP supply and cover your LP tanks. You need to be sure that all propane tanks and appliances are turned off, as well. Next, top off the battery water levels and remove it once your RV is parked in a warm place. Taking out the battery in the cold may pose danger, so this is why we recommend bringing it into our shop so that it can be properly done without the cold causing any damage. You should charge your battery a few times throughout the winter so that is ready to go once the warm weather returns!

The last things you should do are easy to do by yourself. Before locking it up for winter, top off your fuel tank, whether it be regular gasoline or diesel, and add a fuel stabilizer. You should also top off all of the fluid tanks in the engine, such as windshield wiper fluid, oil, radiator and brake fluid. Next, remove all perishable items from the RV’s fridge and cabinets, as you do not want anything rotting in the RV over the course of a few months.

Now it’s time to lock it up! Make sure you have all the dashboard controls turned off, all windows and exterior storage compartments closed, and have the RV unplugged. If you have one, put on the cover to your RV for extra strength against the cold. If you follow these steps, your RV will stay protected and be ready for an outing right when it becomes warm! If you need any help, come see us at Loudon Motors Ford and we will be able to service your RV for you!

*Information gathered from rvcare.ca

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