Loudon Motors Ford Weekly Business Highlight: Regal Metal Products

Regal Metal Products is our true neighbor, located directly across the street from our dealership. Being established in 1965, the company, which specializes in the production of precision stamped products, has called Minerva their home for over 50 years. In addition to their 100,000 square foot headquarters that is the home to the main offices, manufacturing, shipping, and quality control divisions, Regal Metal Products has since opened up a newly renovated second location that is 23,500 square feet and is home to their  engineering, tooling, prototyping, and die maintenance and design operations. This location is also located nearby in Minerva.

Regal Metal Products pride themselves on their relationships with their customers and the high quality staff and equipment they provide. As quoted from their website, “From the beginning our team will work closely with you to determine your exact requirements, and will then work with our toolmakers and manufacturing experts to design whatever is required to meet your needs. Our attention to detail and ability to provide turnkey services helps ensure a cost-effective and efficient tool is designed, built and put into production. Finally, after production, we adhere to a strict quality control system that is ISO-9001-2000 Certified. We know that our team, combined with our state of the art equipment and technology, can be of great value to you.”

The team at Regal Metal Products is truly dedicated to their work and have been serving the automotive, appliance and many other industries in North and South America for over 50 years. They are another local business in Minerva that is a perfect example of how a company should be run. If you are looking for high quality precision stamped products for your business, call Regal Metal Products for the best service and highest quality product around!

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