Loudon Motors Ford Weekly Business Highlight: Minerva Dairy

This week, we are highlighting one of the oldest businesses in Minerva, as well as the oldest family owned creamery in the United States. Max P. Radloff, the first generation owner, bought his first creamery at the age of 21 in Hustisford, WI. In 1935, Max opened his 20th location, Minerva Dairy, and the location of the creamery never changed. In 1940, refrigeration and transportation began to improve, so Max consolidated his business into two locations: Minerva and Hustisford. The Hustisford location was used to produce handcrafted cheeses, but was closed in 2003 after 111 years of operation. The Minerva location has grown exponentially since it was opened, as many renovations, upgrades and repairs have been made throughout many generations of family ownership.

Today, Minerva Dairy is still family owned and in it’s 5th and 6th generation of ownership, as the business was passed down to current owners Adam Mueller and Venae Watts. Their 12 children have even began to help since they have been around the business their whole lives.

Minerva Dairy produces 84% Batch Churned Amish Butter as well as Cheddar, Swiss, Italian, and Kosher varieties from dairy that is only sourced from farms in Ohio. They continue to change the game as they also make flavor infused butter rolls, such as Garlic Herb and Maple Syrup.

Minerva Dairy is not an undiscovered gem, but has been celebrated on the highest levels of media for many years. The creamery has had 40 television appearances on ABC, CBS, and NBC stations, as well as being featured in Crain’s Cleveland Business, Food Business News and The Business Journal.

We are very proud to have them as a neighbor, as they have shown us how great a business can be if it is truly cared for by people who care for each other too. With over 120 years of business, Minerva Dairy is a great reminder that local and family owned business are not a thing of the past, but continue to thrive!

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