Do I Need to Service My Car at the Dealership I Purchased It from?

Most times, after leasing or purchasing a vehicle, the salesperson who helped you will tell you to bring your car back to the dealership when it needs to be serviced. This is not just a tactic to get your business back, as the dealership will know the history of your vehicle and know exactly what to do in any situation. Also, most dealerships have state of the art service centers with highly qualified technicians. That is not to say that your local body shop does not, but, for example, Loudon Motors Ford only has Ford Certified technicians working in the service bay.

It is a good idea to bring your car into the dealership you purchased it from because the process it much easier on you, the consumer. When you come in, the person who sold you your vehicle already knows you and what you drive. Most of the time, you can even send the person who sold you your car a text or give them a call before you come in so you have a streamlined process and are in and out of service as quickly as possible. Also, you can easily set up appointments online or over the phone instead of driving up to the local body shop and not having any idea of how long you will have to wait to have your car serviced, as some jobs will take days.

With lengthy jobs, a dealership is absolutely your best option because of the number of technicians, the security of the dealership and the state of the art service bay that is equipped to handle any job. You do not want to waste your time going to a local shop just to be told that they are unable to order certain parts or can not complete the job you are asking for because of lack of equipment. Most dealerships, if not all, are capable of ordering almost any part, with the exception of very old or vintage parts that may be extremely hard to find. Also, most dealerships have very comfortable waiting areas with free beverages and snacks. This is a huge deciding factor in my book because if I have to wait over an hour to have my car serviced I want to be in a clean, comfortable setting.

At Loudon Motors Ford, we actually have three types of waiting rooms. The first area is the typical waiting room with comfortable chairs, magazines, fresh homemade cookies, beverages and a TV. The second is a community table with baskets of fresh fruit and granola bars with a large TV at the end of the table and access to all of the other snacks and drinks from the first waiting room. The third room is for any children that are waiting with you! It has a TV that is constantly playing educational cartoons, a small couch, a small table with chairs and toys that are kept very clean by our phenomenal maintenance staff. With all of these options, we guarantee that you will comfortable and never go hungry while you wait!

Also, as our dealership was built a little over a year ago, our service bay is brand new and has some qualities that most service bays do not. The whole bay has its own heating and cooling system so that our technicians are always comfortable while they work. This is also a plus because you don’t get into a cold vehicle when you are ready to take it home! So, if you are looking for the best place to get your vehicle serviced, come down to Loudon Motors Ford and enjoy our comfortable waiting areas and our hardworking service staff!

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