Loudon Motors Ford's Local Business Highlight: Sandy Springs Brewery

Sandy Springs Brewery can be found in the heart of Minerva at 232 N. Market St., and is a great place to have a tasty beer and relax after a long day. The environment at Sandy Springs Brewery is always welcoming and packed with great people!

I tried to compact the history of the brewery in the first draft of this blog, but leaving out any details felt wrong! Their story is a great one, so other than trying to put THEIR story into my own words, I will share what they have written about their story with you. From the Sandy Springs Brewery website, “Owned and Operated by Husband and Wife Team, Andy and Amanda Conrad. Our passion for craft beer was born over 10 years ago while developing early recipes as home brewers in college. This passion and love was then scaled to new heights during an adventure out West while working as traveling physical therapists for 3 years. Our visits to many different breweries enabled us to taste a wide variety of beers, see different brewing techniques, and enjoy the atmosphere of each unique brewery. It was during this time that the initial planning for Sandy Springs Brewing Company began, and those experiences have greatly influenced our vision for what is now being built. We also had an amazing opportunity to volunteer at Santa Fe Brewing Co's production facility in New Mexico, where we gained insight into the commercial side of the industry. We feel strongly about the history of Minerva  and are very excited to be located in the old "Filling Station" with hopes to bring more tourism and business to the heart of downtown Minerva.

The name Sandy Springs originated from our 19th century farm, which is located along Sandy Springs Rd. in Minerva, Oh.  The Sandy Spring was a natural spring that fed into the old farmhouse where we currently reside. Our daughter is the 6th generation to live here.  There are fond memories of visiting my great grandmother as a child and dipping an old tin cup into the large barrel of water where the spring entered the house.  Original plans for the brewery were for it to be located in the farm's old red T-barn that also dated back the 1800's. In fact, we had an inspection in 2013 to determine its structural integrity with positive recommendations that the barn would stand for another 75 years.  Sadly, 4 days later after this inspection, it was struck by lightening and burned to the ground. Fortunately, we were able to salvage several of the old and now fire scarred barn beams and floor joists. This wood will be featured throughout our new taproom in downtown Minerva.  The tree in our logo symbolizes the old oak tree that stands by itself towering in the center of our farm. We often refer to it as the "Tree of life". It represents the heritage and history of the farm and now 6 generations of family who have come to call it home. Although it was terribly sad to see the old barn burn, we are incredibly excited for our new location of Sandy Springs Brewing Company at the center of downtown Minerva and look forward to being a big part of the growing community.  We will feature American and European style ales and lagers with an atmosphere that promotes a community and family-centered place to meet, spend great times, and create awesome memories. We look forward to seeing you in our taproom to enjoy with us our local hand-crafted beer.”

If you’re looking to grab a beer after work or a place to hangout on the weekend, head down to your local brewery and try out their famous seasonal beer, the Happy Sappy!

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