Simple Summer Storage Car Hack

In this “car hack” article, I will be giving some tips on how to keep your car organized with items you can easily find around your house. If you’re anything like me, you hate having stray items and trash around your car, especially when you have passengers. This blog will help you keep your items organized and your car clean!

Most of these ideas require a bin or some sort of medium sized storage container that you can keep in your trunk. I know, having a bin in your trunk at all times doesn’t sound so appealing, but when you realize how much the contents of the bin can help you everyday, you won’t mind it! 

Safety first! My number one rule is to always keep a small first aid kit in your car. You can either buy one from the Dollar General, Target, etc., or just make your own at home. You can decide what you put in it, but I always have bandages, tylenol, antiseptic wipes, gauze pads, first aid tape, and a small pair of scissors. This can be useful anytime! Personally, I go on a lot of hikes and usually get a few cuts while climbing, so having a first aid kit with antiseptic wipes and bandages waiting for me when I get back is great.

Some people have a rule about not eating in there car, but not me! I went to the Dollar General and bought a few medium sized trays that will hold your meal perfectly. This will eliminate trying to uncomfortably eat your food in your car, and is definitely a big help if you have kids. These are very thin, so they are easy to story in the bin in the trunk, or even in the pockets behind the driver and passenger seats for easy access. While at Dollar General, also pick up a folder and a small bottle of hand sanitizer. You can use the folder to organize all of the papers you have floating around in your glove box, such as your registration and insurance. Having hand sanitizer in the car is always good, especially if you live an active lifestyle or have kids. You don’t want to get your steering wheel greasy or have your kids wiping dirt off their hands in the backseat, so keep this in your center console for everyday use! 

Lastly, take a tissue box that is empty and fill it with the plastic bags you would get when buying groceries. You can stuff them in there and put the box in your center console for easy access. This is very helpful when you have garbage that needs to be collected after eating, during road trips, or just cleaning out your car. A few other items to keep in your center console are travel sized tissue packs, which can double as napkins, an extra phone charger, and a lint roller. I use the lint roller to clean the carpet and seats in my car. It is much faster and cheaper than going to a car wash to use their vacuum if you don’t have your own.

There are tons of other tips out there, but these are the most helpful, to me. If you have one that helps you, drop it in the comments below! We would love to hear your secret car hacks so we can use them too!
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