Loudon Motors Ford Weekly Business Highlight: Minerva Welding

This week, for our local business highlight, we are highlighting Minerva Welding. Minerva Welding was founded in 1954 in a small shop on the east side of Minerva. The business started small, but was extremely dedicated to quality from the start. Minerva Welding has grown from a small, modest shop to a large factory with a ISO 9001 certification.

The company has made sure that the original mission of the first shop, dedication to quality, has lived on over the past 64 years. Minerva Welding has grown drastically, but they continue to produce the highest quality products you can find. They also have grown their business by moving into more services such as machining, finishing and assembly, crane services, installation, maintenance, contract manufacturing and structural and plate fabrication.

Minerva Welding does not just care about quality, but makes it very clear that they are dedicated to providing the best customer service that they can. This is immediately shown on their website by saying, “MWF’s fierce commitment to customer satisfaction, has provided countless customers with quality products and services. The dedication has proven to be our secret for success. Armed with more than a half century of customer service and experience, our dedicated and experienced staff is here to assist you with any of your manufacturing needs.”

As I have researched the many local businesses in Minerva, the one constant thing I find is a fierce dedication to the customer and staff. Every business wants to make you feel like family, as well as give you the best product they can. We should all learn from this mindset and bring it into our own lives!

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