Loudon Motors Ford Weekly Business Highlight: Built By Pottsy LLC

This week we’re reviewing Built By Pottsy LLC, owned by Aaron “Pottsy” Potts. Aaron is a cherished customer at Loudon Motors Ford, as he has been giving us his business for years. Our relationship is a great example of local businesses being supportive of one another, and we could not be more thankful to have an awesome neighbor Like Pottsy.

In Aaron’s 20’s, he found a skill and passion in making and designing an array of mechanical devices. By his 30’s, Aaron had worked his way up to a corporate level manager of a mechanical engineering UL certified testing lab for a household name brand company. While working there, Aaron realized his passion for keeping jobs in the United States, as he saw many products being outsourced for production. Because of this, Aaron decided to start his own business that would focus on his skills in the mechanical design and engineering fields. In 2008, Aaron’s business, Built by Pottsy, became a legal LLC.

Over the years, Aaron realized a love for using scrap metal to create his products. This realization, paired with direction of his mother, is what pushed Aaron to start making artful metal flowers. Aaron uses his knowledge of powder coating and blending of colors to enhance my his flowers to make them at the highest quality possible.

Today, Aaron focuses on building his flowers from quality American made scrap mechanical parts, as keeping all parts of the production as local as possible is one of Aaron’s many core values. From the Built by Pottsy LLC website, “Each flower is handmade and formed to a one of a kind unique style. I put a strong value to building the best product I can build, so that it will stand the test of time in or outdoors. Once I feel that I have archived this goal, I then serial number, date, sign and place my “Proudly handmade in Ohio, USA” logo sticker on it. Family, honesty, integrity, quality and a good focus on the customer, that is what my business model is made of.”

The metal flowers are a staple of Aaron's company, but they do much more! Over the years, Aaron and his crew have designed and built many different items for companies and organizations such as Timken, Army Corp Of Engineering, 4 Wheel Drive Hardware, University Of Tennessee, City of New York, Aclara, E-finity Distributed Generation, Dick’s Sporting Goods, American Roads Machinery Co., Ohio Dept. Of Transportation and Capstone Turbine Corporation. We love watching our neighbors grow alongside us and are very proud to call Aaron one of our dear friends at Loudon Motors Ford. Check out the Built by Pottsy LLC website HERE to see all the awesome stuff they create!

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